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Sell Your Trademark Through us

All forms of intellectual property just like any other property can be bought, sold, inherited, or otherwise transferred. If you no longer have any interest in your registered trade mark then you may wish to consider selling the trade mark rather than simply allowing the registration to lapse. 

Corporate Junction offers a market place having a wide selection of trademarks and brands registered in India. We help owners to fully monetize their trademark assets and help businesses locate and acquire trademarks that are a good fit for their products or markets.

Corporate Junction will help you list your trademark on our dashboard. We will try to promote your brand onsite as well as offsite so that you get the maximum out of your brand. Our objective is to facilitate commercial transactions of trademark registered in India.

Our fee to promote your trade mark for sale is Nil, there is no time limit to sell the mark and we will therefore advertise your trade mark for sale until it is sold. We will only charge you a nominal amount when you are satisfied with the deal and it is finalized.

Selling, or Assigning, a Trademark

A person who sells his or her interest in a trademark to another person is called an “assignor”.

A person who purchases an interest in a trademark is called an “assignee”.

The sale of an interest in a trademark from one person to another is called an “assignment”.

Please Note

  • When a trademark is assigned, the assignee actually becomes the new owner of the mark.
  • Assignments must be written and not oral.
  • We preferably list those brands who are interested in complete assignment of their trademark with goodwill.
  • The new owner of the trademark, the assignee, has the exclusive rights to the mark and the exclusive right to exclude others from using the mark.
  • We will draft a Trade Mark Purchase Agreement to finalise the sale, this service will be included in the cost of the purchaser.
  • You must use your trademark in commerce before you are permitted to sell it to someone else. The trademark must be displayed on specific goods or services that you are offering for sale or as a company brand name on all of your products.
  • You cannot charge another party for the transfer if the trademark was registered only as a placeholder for a future intended use.