Trademark Logo Registration Services


Trademark application

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Trademark Logo Registration Services

Our trademark logo registration services are available for both national and international registrations on behalf of entities located in any country of the world. For example, trademark logos of Indian entities are registered under its federal law represented by the New Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade marks Rules of 2002, at national level. The international registrations of trademark logos belonging to companies situated in any country and seeking to do international or worldwide business, are accomplished under the Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.

  • The first step to trademark a logo is to make the final selection or creation of the most suitable and unique logo or symbol, in order to suit appropriately the business requirements and ambitions.
  • After this conducting trademark search at the concerned level, domestic, international, or global. This censorious trademark search is prescribed for checking the originality, uniqueness, and acceptability of the proposed logo or symbol.
  • After this, drafting and filing of trademark application, strictly as per the rules and regulations of the concerned trademark authorities, take place. After filing of the application, prosecution for the same becomes also necessary for the best possible results and promptitude.
  • Then, executing proper trademark prosecution for getting the logo registered most securely