Trademark Consultation

Trademark Consultation

A consultation pertaining to trademarks not only removes the doubt of the applicant but also helps in the systematic filing of the application. A trademark application should be filed in a manner as prescribed by the rules and regulations governing Trademark law. If the application is not filed as per the requirements of Trademark Registry, than there is every possibility of rejection from Registrar or Examiner of trademarks.

A trademark is basically a mark through which the business or profession of an individual, proprietorship firm, partnership firm, public limited company, private limited company and various other undertakings are recognized in the local and international market. Although it is very easy to file a trademark application it is professionally recommended by this site to take the consultation of an attorney or advocate, expert in the field of trademark so that the application can be processed smoothly and effectively.

A rejection from the side of Trademark Registry means no legal right or protection to the owner as far as the captioned mark is concerned. Thus in order to protect the mark and to acquire all legal rights pertaining to the same it is immensely recommended to take the consultation of a Trademark attorney or agent so that the application cannot be rejected on the grounds of improper application.. This site also offers free consultation services through attorneys experienced and skilled in the field of trademark.

There are three fundamental procedures before a trademark application can be considered for registration in any given country; they are examination, hearing and publication of the captioned mark or logo in trademark journal. Once the examiner is satisfied with an exacting mark in question, he publishes the same in Trademark journal and if the mark or logo is not opposed within a span of three months with further grace period of one month than the same is considered for registration. However, any opposition revenue trademark will be kept on hold and shall not be registered unless the opposition gets resolved. Thus, trademark monitor is basically revenue keeping a watch on different marks so that the possibility of possible deception or similarity can be curtailed. Trademark monitoring service mainly relates to keeping a watch on different marks that has been published in the trademark journal so that similar marks can be traced out and respective owners can be informed about the same accordingly.