Patent Registration

A Patent is an exclusive monopoly granted by the Government to an inventor over his invention for a limited period of time. It provides an enforceable legal right to prevent others from exploiting an invention. Invention as defined under the Act to mean a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application. 
Who Can Apply For A Patent: An inventor or any other person/company assigned by the inventor can apply and obtain the patent over the invention. A patent is obtained by the inventor or his assignee by filing an application with the appropriate office of the patent office in stipulated forms and fees as required by the Act.
How to do a patent registration?
  • Step 1:Patent Search: a review of the database of patents which have been issued previously
  • Step 2:Patent Drafting
  • Step 3:Patent Filing

**The whole process of getting a patent registration done involves complex techno-legal considerations.